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Based on the Business Publications Audit, our Independent Circulation Audit has estimated the Consumer Advisor reaches over half a million readers on a daily basis.
Readership of the Consumer Advisor has been accurately estimated by the following guidelines.


  • Each of the homes to which Consumer Advisor is distributed has on average 10 family members consisting typically of the traditional family group of father, mother and children ranging in ages up to 21. In the orthodox home, the teenagers and young adults do not leave the home until they are married and ready to set up a home of their own. As a result, this very important age group is there to influence the buying patterns of the home. Many homes have elderly parents living with them or in close proximity.
  • Every synagogue in all communities listed in the Consumer Advisor has a copy of the Consumer Advisor next to its public telephone. These synagogues, in which the populace gathers three times a day for their daily prayers, are frequented as well by many congregants from outlying communities, who commute to the city and pray in these synagogues. Both the neighborhood congregates as well as the commuters rely on the Consumer Advisor to start them out on their business day, for family numbers and to refer to for diverse community information.
  • Every school, high school, and school dormitory has a copy of the Consumer Advisor next to its public telephone, which has a listing of all the schools as well as places of interest listed in its community pages.
  • Every doctor’s office has a copy of the Consumers in its waiting room or next to its telephone. Patients enduring long waits in the doctor’s waiting room, find the Consumer Advisor both informative and entertaining and use it as a source to find out the latest in products and services available to the Jewish community.
  • Every business and store in the Jewish areas receive a copy, which is used by its owners and patrons thousands of times a day. As well, many Jewish customers travel from outlying communities to shop in these stores that cater to the Jewish orthodox customer and they use the Consumer Advisor to acquaint themselves with new stores, businesses and products.


Advertisers in the Consumer Advisor reach on a daily basis over 1/2 million readers in the Jewish orthodox community

The Consumer Advisor is the Most Comprehensive Jewish Telephone Directory Since 1993 Serving The Entire Jewish communities in New York, as in Boro Park, Flatbush, Williamsburg, Crown Heights (new), Monsey, New Square, Monroe & Lakewood, Sea Gate, Staten Island, Bensonhurst, Bloomingburg & Jersey City and the one & only Telephone Directory listing all the residential & business listings for all neighborhoods above. is distributed on a door to door basis in areas above, In addition, the publication is distributed in high traffic stores and synagogues in all areas. The Consumer Advisor is the easy and convenient way for members of the orthodox community to find each other and to find vendors who are looking to provide services for their unique needs.

Our readers consist of highly stable, closely-knit families consisting of every age group from great grandparents to newborn infants.

Our readers are middle to upper class with a large percentage being homeowners and car owners.

Many of our readers restrict their reading to Jewish publications due to the lack of modesty in mainstream advertising. Newspapers, televisions, and magazines are unable to reach our readership and we can therefore bring you a market that is not inundated with advertising hype. Our readers can therefore appreciate being appealed to and will respond in greater numbers than an equivalent number of the unorthodox populace.

The orthodox Jewish home revolves around the family and therefore any product relating to the house or home is of vital importance, as is any product relating to children. Each new couple that weds is provided with a complete apartment and all the related furniture and kitchen equipment that allow the couple to start life independently.

The Consumer Advisor is in constant use in the orthodox home to which it is distributed:

  • Half a million readers use the Consumer Advisor on a daily basis. This publication sits on breakfast tables throughout the community and is referred to again and again.
  • The Consumer Advisor’s Medical Guide is the most comprehensive guide that is currently available to the consumer in search of medical care in any field. It has gained an enviable reputation and is much relied on in the community. The Medical Guide is widely referred to by each and every member of the community, whether for medical, dental health or any other related service.

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